Hey there! My name is Cole Maki. Yours truly, the college dude with the hobbies.

College dude? Where do you attend school college dude? Good Q! I’m in my second year at CSUSM, Cal State San Marcos. That’s North County San Diego incase you don’t care enough to google it.

Ok. The fun part. Talking about me. #Narcissistic!!! So, I like to do just about anything active and outside. I define myself as a guy with a lot of hobbies. I hear I’m funny from others; I call it goofy myself. I like to make up little expressions like “soopz” “swerpie” “chaga-la-roo” and others just-a-brewin’ within. Also, I ┬ábelieve I enjoy the little things in life a lot further than observations on the surface. Anything to do with the ocean, I love it. Anything outside that isn’t numbingly cold, I’ll do it. Dirt? No problem. I also like to think I’m smart. I read all of my textbooks AND regular books on the side. You can catch me doing all of the things I write about plus watching the most recent reports on Manchester City, The Washington Wizards, Denver Broncos, Detroit Red Wings, and Professional surfing via WSL. (Those are my sports teams.)

Last, I’m an approachable guy. There’s no mask on the blog. I am me and I am free (on the weekends.) So if you like what you see or wish to enquire about me, I’ll grab the hand that reaches out! Have a good one! L8r.