“Donuts” an Oceanographer Talk/ Day Trip

Believe it or not, there is a profession surrounding photographing the ocean. These people are taking the jobs of landscape and portrait photographers and applying them to the ocean. Plus they get paid to do it.


Yeah! It’s the truth! People get paid to swim around and hang out on the beach and on boats! But you have to be good at it in order to be successful. Ok, so Oceanography and a day trip, let’s talk about it!

IMG_4699(Photo of screening room art at Hurley HQ. Costa Mesa. CA.)

So yesterday, I was able to attend a FREE Hurley Surf Club talk for nothing more than gas money. What? College dude how did you do that? Well, first, Hurley is super cool and held it for free and second, they fed the audience tacos as a thank you for the turn out so I didn’t have to buy myself a ticket or and food! BOOYAH!

What was the event? Hurley photographer Clark Little was touring to promote his new line of canvas prints and clothing associated by his lava line. That’s right, he shoots lava. But not just hot rock. As an oceangrapher, Clark had the idea to shoot lava pouring into the ocean and dang is it some amazing stuff! You can check it out on his instagram as well as in the Hurley section of Nike’s website as Nike bought out Hurley a few years back. But yeah, aside from his new line, Clark shared footage of what he uses to shoot, a day in the life as well as what he specifically shoots.


Clark Little shoots on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. North shore specifically. From his talk, we learned that he shoots: Shorebreak, Lava, Drone footage, Sharks, and Whales on and off the coast of Oahu and Kona, the “Big Island.” Clark mentioned that his favorite spots to shoot shore break, his original choice of craft, is at Keiki Beach on the island of Oahu. As for Sharks, Whales and Lava, I am not sure and I don’t want to know!

The Hurley Surf Club Talk was awesome. On top of that, for simply the price of gas, all the audience members got to shop the HQ employee store where the newest Hurley Textiles, yet to be sent to retail, were available for purchase at 40% discount! WICKED AWESOME. Post tacos, show, shopping, and autographs, my day trip crew then ventured to LA where we would stop for dinner at Shake Shack. LA is SIIICCCKKK on a Friday night.

On the way through LA, I pulled out my camera to play around and this is what I got:

IMG_2206IMG_6919IMG_6935.JPGIMG_6937.JPGIMG_6938.JPGAlong with the activities, photos, and ballin’ dinner from the Shack, the CRAZYNESS and jokes that came from LA $avage driving plus hanging out topped off the day trip to make it nothing short of unforgettable.

GET OUT THERE! There is a lot of cool and free stuff out there to be taken advantage of if you just dig for it and carve out the time to go. Also, anyone can have fun at any moment no matter if they are into an activity or not. People will always have fun with other people. But yeah, all in all, take advantage of all the opportunities out there in the world. Only good has come for me. 

Later kids!


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