SUMMER JAMZ! Playlisting 101

YO PEEPS! Major moment this morning when I woke up and decided to make a summer playlist for myself to jam and show my friends this summer! Lower on I’m going to share it and nag brag about how awesome making and sharing a playlist is! Also how and where I get my new and old music for this ish! LET’S GET IT!

So here is the low down, I took a booty ton of screen shots of this playlist because I just couldn’t think of prettier way to organize all this music than with the gorgeous background that Spotify FREE (not premium) uses as a default. Not laziness, just too amped to share! No time wasting reorganizing because #GettingYouTheJamz. Boom! Sorry about the bunch of screenshots but hey, if you really want access to the playlist, The name is:
“Summer 2017 Sandpapers” And if can be found on Spotify! Colemaki21 is my account name should that help the search!

Ok. Thank you for your patience. That was like timeout for you huh?All that reading up there, sheeeesh. SHEEEEESH. So here you go! Go free! With the playlist! WOOHOO. At the bottom I’ll do some talking about making playlists to boost your summer drives, hangouts, and personal music collections for yourself during those chilling-out-in-life downtimes!

P.S. I called this “Summer 2017 Sandpapers” because as the description says, “Sandpaperz for smoothing out whatever or whoever needs a little brush up!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.31.35 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.31.43 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.31.46 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.32.05 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.32.08 AM

Alright alright, fantastic. “So college dude, where do you get this music?” Gr8 question college dude!
So I like to use five major sources for my music. BUT, the cool part is I hardly use them at all! Just barely any attention and you can get a SIIICCCKKK playlist like this!
I use:

1.Spotify- Usually its through my Discovery Weekly. Based on what you search and listen to Spotify automatically gives you around 20 new songs it thinks you will like and haven’t heard of to listen to for the week. AND THEN, every Monday it refreshes so the new music is constant and automatic! All you have to do is listen> Also, You can check on what your friends listen to if you coordinate with them or ask them to share or make you playlists!

2. Soundcloud- This is where I find a lot of “underground” or not too popular artists who are the hidden gold nuggets! Skidoosh! Soundcloud is free but limited now that it became a paid radio source. This however, limits you to only getting the full music by underground artists! So there you go, your very own subway system.. ;D hop you caught that. #UNDERGROUND

3. Soundhound (or Shazam)- These two apps have music services for discovering as well BUT THE REASON I USE THEM: These two apps have the ability to listen to music playing around you that you DO NOT KNOW THE NAMES OF and they will tell you the song and the artist on the spot. They then save the search into a library for later reminder and search! Killer. I consider this the Batman utility belt of music discovery. YOUR TOOL!

4. Pandora- The OG music discovery. This site/app has been the day one app where I have discovered many other artists based on my personal favorites and who they listen to. Though the new music apps are better with selection instead of the pandora random playing system, Pandora still does it for me and shows me new magic still. I respect their system too, it really forces and makes the listener realize there is patience and they should have openness in listening to songs before surpassing them.

5. Friends- They always have it going! They’re real people like you so they have to have at least some good music! My brother is my biggest collaborative partner followed by my college friends who are hot-tater-tot when it comes to the rap game. The balance of my beach and chill music plus their rap fire keeps me stocked for any situation whether its d8 night, chill time, homework time, or FRIDAY NIGHT WITH THE BOYS!


NEXT, to keep it short, making a playlist s something you have to do at least once to know what feeling it gives you> The idea that I can sort and have my music ready to go is awesome for me. Plus, I love making playlists and even the occasional CD for friends! Gives me a chance to share music which is something dear to me. I FRIG FROGGIN’ LOVE MUSIC! Jamming all the time! But yeah try it! 🙂 See what it does for you and you may even get hooked!

Finally: My favorite artists that maybe didn’t make the list as they are from the past or didn’t make it on it enough:

Bryce Vine (A guaranteed hit. My favorite artists 100%). The Hip Abduction. Sugar Ray. Shwayze(& Cisco). LANY. Wheeland Bothers. ODESZA. Leon Bridges. ACADEMY. One Republic. John Mayer. Third Eye Blind/Jimmy Eat World. G-Eazy. Juicy J. The Naked and Famous. Aer(YEAH YEAH YEAH. Try "Feel I Bring"). Pepper. Iration. Rebelution. The Dirty Heads. Jack Johnson. and Cake to name a few!

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