Camping Newport: Crystal Cove

“There’s something on your butt!”

“What?! What is it??”

“My eyes… ;D”

Did you laugh?! I could hardly breathe when I heard this one from my friends, the couple I was able to camp with.

Jokes or pickup lines, you can say what you will but it’s always awesome to hear a couple say little things like this to each other. The fire is still going! Just like the campfire! BOOSH, College Dude went camping this past weekend! So buckle up, its hobby time!

IMG_6184.JPG(photo of the trail+horizon walking down from campsite to ocean. Crystal Cove- Newport Beach, CA. Spring 2017)


Camping. The truest adventure in any of the books out there. Fairly simple to do as well plus it totally works with you way more than against you! For this piece, I will break it up into three sections. The first, details about our trip so you may get an idea of what to do/pack should you choose to camp and also to get a ballpark on costs. Second, I will talk about the cool moments I had in my 24 hours of the trip. Last, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll come to something after writing about the other stuff. A random free choice section, Alright!

Part 1.

-Four of us went camping. Two couples. Within it, a pair of long-time best friends and their significant others. All who happened to work and meet at the same summer job. Summer camp! So yeah, point being you can go camping with lifetime friends or people you’ve known less than a year and still have an absolute ball!

-We stayed in a California State Park, Crystal Cove, up in Newport Beach, CA. The campsite costed $25 a night plus a $15 parking pass because it was a state park and campsite. Factor in gas and supplies to get your total cost! And divide it by the group members to make it realistic! I think my total cost was around $35 in the end!

-We brought most of our food from home. Pancakes, a KILLER(because I made it(; ) lasagna, granola, fruits, WATER WATER WATER, and other stuff in packages and tupperware. Make sure you have enough water and just more than what you think you’ll eat for food. Be comfortable! IMG_4799(photo of home-base. Crystal Cove in Newport, CA.)

What else did we bring? A tent, sleeping bags/blankets, rolled-up hoodie-pillows, multiple sets of clothes for the conditions(Underwear and socks 4 dyazzz), portable toothbrushes+paste, camera, boogie boards and wetsuits(beach specific), BUG SPRAY,  Flashlights, hats, sunscreen & chapstick, watch, $30 (just in case), wood and a lighter if fires are good to go at your spot, bluetooth speaker, deck of cards and UNO, gum/altoids, and most importantly each other’s company. You see, the best part of camping is in the people. I’ll get to that in part 2.

-Resources to find camping spots: Mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, planes, forests, backyard, friend’s backyard. These are the spots to look at first! Finding out about spots can range anywhere from word of mouth, pre-visits to get a feel for what you’re going in to, researching online through:travel websites/blogs, instagram location searches/photos, google searches, or specialty websites like a city website or the CA state parks site as we did. Do your research before you go though! You might be amazed how plans can change whether its finding something new in your spot or maybe finding an entirely new spot all together!

That’s it for the need to knows! Part 2 here we come!

Part 2.IMG_6182.JPG(photo of boy and girl comfortably watching the sunset after climbing a couple rocks perturbing from the sea. Newport Beach, CA.)

Magic. That’s the only word I could find myself using to describe the weekend once I got back to school and other friends starting asking. I mean look at the image. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. You really won’t be able to get the full experience unless you’re there in the photo, but I’ll tell you, I only use content that I capture, and I try only to capture content when the moment is as good as what is displayed. Plus, don’t live through the photo, make the photo real life! WOOHOO! Back to it, soaking up a sunset with anyone is usually a moment that lasts once it happens. There’s something comforting about taking the time to enjoy nature with others. There is no schedule nor internet gripping you when you’re in that moment so long as you do not let it. Sunsets are the perfect time to get comfy’d up and share a little language with those around you no matter how familiar. Think about it, if you’re there with or around someone looking at the colors in the sky with nothing to do then you’re both there for the same thing with the same mindset. That makes a situation simple minded and common. That makes a situation real. That makes a situation memorable. Go enjoy a sunset. You, your mind and your life deserve a 20 minute ease.

Along with that serious moment, the group all enjoyed: getting smashed by waves swimming, cracking jokes, talking in the tent at night, battling the loudness of the neighboring boyscout tents, roasting the boyscouts, roasting one another, hiking to and around the sight, finding a massive froggy swamp party, packing up our stuff hilariously, taking photos, talking with one another, growing as a group, being away from the stress of our lives at home, and eating burping laughing complaining joking poking tripping lifting screaming freaking and doing goofy stuff TOGETHER. That group grew so much in those 24 hours I think it would be worth it to anyone to give it a try. No matter what you have to try because the beauty is always in the effort.IMG_6177.JPG(photo of the sea from up on top of these rocks. Newport, CA.)

Part 3. “Meeting Halfway”

Ok I thought of something! The flexibility of camping! For those of you who know your California, my girlfriend and I live in San Diego as we go to school down there. I’m in North County at San Marcos, she’s… well she’s SDSU and not North County haha! But San Diego still, okay! Our other couple is coming from Thousand Oaks, just 30 minutes north of LA as well as the piece number two in that duo from about 30 minutes inland and south of Thousand Oaks. San Diego to Thousand Oaks is roughly 150 miles. This camping spot in Newport is directly between San Diego and Thousand Oaks. AKA, this ish brought all of us together at a “halfway point.” A brand new area that blew our minds, and it reconnected us in the middle of our real lives for roughly $35 a piece. Extraordinary. The fact that THERE IS TIME to carve out a weekend trip for people across greater distances even with life so busy is extraordinary. I really admire how this trip brought us all together to a new, AWSEOME, SWEEEEEEET and MUTUAL spot to share and remember an experience for the lifetimes we all have ahead of us.

P.S. cutting the drive in half saved the old numbing car-butt syndrome as well as led to an awesome jam session on the way to the site!

SOOOOOO lesson time, GO FOR IT! Even if its only hours, any trip with your friends will be worth it as long as you show up to play and want to win at life. Things are also a lot cheaper and doable with good planning. And last, good planning is cheap and doable so don’t limit yourself/ hold back for any silly reason! Who knows where it will lead you; maybe a killer view, a critical moment of bonding, a sharing of great stories and histories, or worse case scenario, you learn how to cook up a KILLER homemade lasagna!!!;D

 Til’ next time, addio! (Goodbye in Italian because #Lasagna!)


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