Slack Lining North County.

We’re back again! With a new hobby recently discovered. This smoothly sharp battle of counteractive balance is called slack lining. It is an art. It is a challenge. It is a battle. Slack lining will straight up annoy the heck out of anyone who tries it. It is a given, so accept it going in. It will get into your head, get the best of you, and even provoke some distranquility at times. However, between these times it will also elevate your spirit, bring friends together, supply self confidence, strengthen your body, plus increase movement skills among others. Whether it is day one or day three-hundred of slacking off, each round is a battle, but an enjoyable, winnable battle.

I have found the practice to be a stress reliever in the right moments as well as an invigorating competition created amongst friends in others. The possibilities are endless. The line belongs between two trees, but the creativity does not. Music, food, jokes, laughter, support, triumph, encouragement, film, “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!” The creativity and potential is unlimited! This is another element of this hobby that I really enjoy. The combination possibilities are endless even though all you physically have is a colorful, “chubby rope.” GET CREATIVE WITH EVERYTHING! Food always tastes better with a little flavor right??(; #Create!

img_9955(photo of Slackline Industries’ “baseline” at Poinsettia Park Carlsbad, CA)

Another great aspect of slackening as a hobby is I have yet to spend money on this hobby further than driving around to parks looking for trees with friends. Connections to friends with their own slack lines have allowed me to join them in the sporting. It works out well because as mentioned, slack lining brings people together. In fact, I have successfully approached some random dudes slack lining at San Diego State University who let me join right in after asking. All it took was a small muster of courage.

Sure the previous instance was at another college, a similar environment with a similar crowd to what I know as a college dude with hobbies; so true, maybe it did not take much courage in that moment. Maybe it was more comfort. Valid point! So here’s another instance….

 On a drive home from the beach, I saw a vivid green line hanging about two feet off the ground between two trees off the side of the freeway. Two peeps were slack lining. I felt a burst of inspiration and immediately pulled off the freeway. I navigated the streets, cruised to the park, and found the duo I had spotted at Carlsbad City Park. And you could totally guess what happened. I dipped into my little bag of courage, approached them, and they took me right in to their activities. Total strangers! Yep, so never be afraid to seize the opportunity when you’re feeling it!

That is all you really need to know about slack lining! All the tutorials and FaQ’s can be found on youtube by hardcore enthusiasts or just simple people like me. Heck, even send me an email about it and I can answer as best I know.

The rest of the piece will be about people’s thoughts about slack lining as well as some personal experiences I would like to walk you through (literally!)

img_4238(photo of me incorporating some Wingnut-style arms based off minute 20 of the Endless summer 2 )

Soooooooooooooo, back to slacking off! Here are three questions I asked 3 people. 1. a friend I slack with weekly or bi-weekly. 2. A friend that I have yet to slack with. and 3. A new, random person I found in a park! Alright, clear enough? ABC easy as 1.2.3. right? Groovy!

What does it mean to slack line to you?

1. “Slacklining to me is a breath of fresh air; a challenge; and time for reflection & growth.”

2. “Slacklining is a progressive kind of fitness. It increases functional abilities while supplying a body inclusive workout.”

3. “I guess it means that I want to get better at being an individual. After all, it is essentially you and the line from start to finish.”

Why have you continued to slack line?

1. “I’ve continued to slackline because it’s taught me more about myself than I ever imagined it would. It’s taught me how passionate I can be for improvement, that I enjoy my alone time & friend time too, and that it’s never a bad thing to go outside to take a break, catch a breath, and give something some time and effort. It’s taught me health & balance- literally.”

2. “I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the activity. Also I found that my workout had a much greater impact than I expected. I like to think I am a fit guy, so that made it attractive to me. It is a way to get outside of the gym when I want to workout or get some exercise.”

3. “Wow. Why have I continued to slackline. Well, obviously I am having fun doing it. But also, I have found a community to be a part of even with an individual activity. Yeah, that’s really it, I enjoy the activity plus the members of the community have kept me engaged and interested.”

Give me 3 separate words that best describe your take aways from and or feelings about slack lining.

1. “Passion, strength & perseverance.”

2. “Challenge, engaging and purposeful.”

3. “Personal, humbling and connection.”

img_3103(photo of shoes and socks off before rigging up a slack line at Discovery Lake Park San Marcos, CA)

Last, here are my thoughts. I really do enjoy this activity. I am really considering spending a chunk of my own change to pick up one of these lines. I will probably go for a crazy color and have everyone who slacks with me sign it. That makes it personal because this activity is personal and binding. Whether it be binding mind and body, two souls, a group of individuals, or health and happiness.

I have experienced a positive intra-personal(within) feeling that translated to happiness and confidence noticed by others. This feels good on the inside and looks good on the out!

I have made deep conversation that has connected and reconnected me to new people as well as distant-ish friends. This is valuable because these people are good people who usually share some BOMB music while we are out there! That’s a plus right??

Communication, social skills, and trying new theory all sprout from slack lining. What else do you want? Meeting people, talking so you can practice for that next date, and making your brain bigger by coming up with your own ideas of what might help your next run be more successful. It’s like a super fun experiment in science class but you make the rules and your lab group is made up of SIIICCCKKK people and friends.

That’s all I have for this one all ya ballers! Thank you for reading to the bottom! Hope you enjoyed and hope to bring you more activities! Now time for the mini lessons in italics!

If you feel something, do it. You never know when that condition will come again! Creativity is not just this crazy high standard society has made of it; creativity is adding a little flavor to what you already have! Finally, go hobby! L8r sk8rs.



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