Goin’ Hamm!(ocking)

Hamm what? Who’s going where?  

You’re going! Straight into a nap sack! 

Hammocks baby! One of the discoveries of the year for chaboi. Seriously, these things are a blast! Also, there are tons of options to be able to find a hammock for an easily decent price. It’s a piece of cake hobby that anyone should give a chance.


So what’s the dealio college dude?? Why are these things better than my bed if they’re nap sacks?

Alright you got me right there. Its not just a nap sack. Hammocks can be used for all sorts of hanging around… ;D (little pun.) Here are a few of the uses that I have found for my hammock:

  1. Str8 napping.           But outside in the shade! I have napped on campus in between classes. Also down by the beach alongside friends as well as by myself  to detox a little. On a weekend retreat in Julian, CA  during some down time  before dinner, I slung up between some trees and took a nap. I used it as a half-*** sleeping bag one night when unexpectedly camping. Also, I’ve slept in that hammock over my pool in my backyard. This was for kicks and giggles as well as to see my mothers reaction once home from work. Boy, won’t ever forget that one! Also, real quick, a buddy of mine hammocked a sailboat overnight on a Catalina trip. Imagine that! Open ocean and island sleeping during summer! Amazing!

  2. D8 night.                    Wow, look at that, another use of the number 8 in a word! But yeah! I have taken my hammock out on dates and enjoyed some of the most comfortable conversation in comfortable position through that thing. The hammock is so small and portable that I just leave it in my backpack or car for whenever! P.s. scored some warm cuddles in that thing too because its HUGE and wraps up two people plus a lot of weight with ease! (I’ll get to a weight feature l8r on down!)

  3. Str8 Chilling.             Hammocking with my homies or hammocking by myself! This activity is SOOOPER peaceful. The breeze can rock you ever so gently while the confines of the hammock keep you from feeling the chill. One of the ultimate relaxing platforms I could think of no doubt. Plus when your friends are around, you can close the lips of your hammock and start rolling over like a cocoon groove master! Chances are someone will laugh and the mood can lighten in a jiffy!

  4. Reading & HW.          As seen in one of the photos, I take my hammock out to the beach or maybe a nearby park when I want to cool down for the day and get in some study time or peaceful reading without feeling locked in a room. I love the fresh air and the feeling of being outside. The hammock makes hanging around feel similar to lounging in bed or on the couch, but with fresh air and less temptation to snack and eat all your food in the pantry! As long as you only have one piece to read or work on, you might want to try it in a hammock! No cluttering though, too much stuff in a sack gets tricky right? Yep, shhh, don’t argue. We’re friends!

  5. LAST, Awesome         Awesome sauce. You can think of a million things to do with these hammocks! Do not hesitate to share if you discover a cool idea or a cool spot to hammock! I’d love to start sharing spots and ideas WHEN new ones come up! WOOHOO. Go for it!


So cost wise. I picked up my hammock AND hammock straps (usually you have to buy them separate, heads up) for around $50. And I believe I’ll have the same on for probably ever. They are quality! I bought my hammock from Bear Butt hammocks, a small company I found on amazon with a hilarious logo. Looks as it sounds! But there are plenty other hammock companies with similar products such as ENO, a company I follow on Instagram. Hammock companies have the COOLEST Instagram pages because they are usually hardcore travelers or users who really don’t give a fluff about conditions so they will use these things anywhere! The media they get from users is wicked! Has helped me discover locations for trips I’d like to visit later on in life. So check them out! and place an order once you’re sold on it!

Weight feature: On the Bear Butt Instagram story in early 2017, the guys who run the company did a weight test where they placed over 600 pounds of boulders in one of their hammocks before it finally crapped out. SIX HUNDO! You can practically double date in these things dang! But I wouldn’t advise! 🙂


Alright peeps, that’s all I’ve got for now! Look at the other post I’ll have called “Hammock Spots.” Here, I plan to drop cool spots over time and their locations plus all the details from my shot so others can check them out too! I’d love to share the spots others send in too should they contact me and give me the info and the ok!
GO HAMM (for 50 bucks) EVERYBODY!



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